Toronto's Violent Totals For 2009

Murder Count: 40 (95 for GTA)
Stabbings Count: 357
Shootings Count: 341

Most Wanted: Homicide Fugitives

Sunday, June 15, 2008

5 Shot in the T-Dot Last Night, 4 Stabbed

The first shooting happened just after 1:30am Sunday. An adult male was found sprawled on the sidewalk near Jane Street and Woolner Ave.

Emergency crews arrived on scene and began frantically working to save his life. He was rushed to hospital in an ambulance (pictured) but pronounced dead at Sunnybrook.

Police have not yet released his name, and there's no word on the suspect.

A house party on Kingston Road took a dangerous turn around 3:30am Sunday. Shots rang out a townhouse complex on the street just east of McCowan, leaving three people wounded.

A woman in her 40s was shot in the hip, a man in his 30s took a bullet to the arm, and a man in his 20s was hit in the foot.

The details of the third shooting are less clear. What police do know is that a man in his 20s showed up in hospital with serious gun shot wounds and isn't expected to survive.

Also, 4 people were stabbed during the night of violence which has become completely typical and expected in Toronto.


zahadum said...

dude, this is a brilliant idea for a blog!

i have a suggestion: the blog needs more PICTURES!

the community needs to organize a schedule for going down to the court house or the police station - so that everyone of these predators has his picture taken.

plus, an organized system of archiving school yearbooks is required since it will be a source of pictures as well.

usually, public shame is a useful short-term tool to control anti-social behavior; however, these animals are sociopaths, so the perhaps the only benefit of humiliation will be in the long-term, as part of a deterrent (as long as violence is tolerated, let alone valorized, in the black community, this filth will feel as though there is no consequence to their behavior, which is almost an invitation for it to develop in the first place!)

is there any way that the community can utilize your blog to co-ordinate picture-taking?

torontotheviolent said...

I'd be more than happy to post photographs of the criminals associated with these crimes on this blog. If you can get them to me, I'll post them all